Top 10 books launched in 2024:

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1. “House of Flame and Shadow” by Sarah J. Maas:

The third and final book in the popular Crescent City fantasy series, following the adventures of Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar.

2. “Martyr!” by Kaveh Akbar:

A debut novel about an Iranian immigrant in recovery who befriends a terminally ill painter.

3. “The Raging Storm by Ann Cleeves:

This is the third novel in the Two Rivers series by Ann Cleeves. It is a police procedural mystery novel that follows Detective Matthew Venn as he investigates the murder of a local celebrity, Jem Rosco. The novel is set in the fictional village of Greystone, Devon, England.

4. “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus:

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus is a delightful novel that follows the story of Elizabeth Zott, a brilliant chemist in 1960s America who faces discrimination and sexism in her field. Despite the challenges, Elizabeth perseveres and becomes an unlikely television star, using her platform to challenge societal norms and inspire women to embrace their intelligence and independence.

5. Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir:

It tells the story of Ryland Grace, a junior high school science teacher who wakes up from a coma on a spaceship millions of miles from Earth with no memory of how he got there or who he is. He soon learns that he is on a desperate mission to save humanity from an extinction-level event, and he is the only one who can do it.

6. Lies and Weddings by Kevin Kwan:

The novel follows the story of Rufus Leung Gresham, the future Earl of Greshamsbury, who is drowning in debt. His mother, the formidable Arabella, sees only one solution: Rufus must marry rich. She sends him to his sister’s wedding in Hawaii, hoping he will snag a wealthy heiress.

7. Bewilderment by Richard Powers:

The novel is set in a near future America and follows Theo Byrne, an astrobiologist who is searching for life beyond Earth while also raising his nine-year-old son, Robin, who has Asperger’s syndrome. Robin is struggling to cope with the death of his mother, and Theo is reluctant to put him on medication. Instead, he enrolls Robin in an experimental neurofeedback therapy program that allows Robin to communicate with alien life forms.


1. Supercommunicators by Charles Duhigg:

“Supercommunicators: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection” by Charles Duhigg is a book about the science and art of communication. It explores the different types of conversations we have, the hidden layers that lurk beneath them, and how we can learn to navigate them more effectively.

2. America’s Unwritten Constitution by Akhil Reed Amar:

America’s Unwritten Constitution is a book by Yale Law professor Akhil Reed Amar that argues that the United States Constitution is not just a written document, but also includes a set of unwritten principles and practices that are just as important as the written text. Amar argues that these unwritten components of the Constitution are essential for understanding how the Constitution actually works in practice.

3. The Demon of Unrest by Erik Larson:

It’s a gripping and timely history of the development of the hydrogen bomb, from its scientific beginnings to its political and military implications.

4.Our Hidden Conversations by Michele Norris:

This book explores the complex and often unspoken thoughts and feelings that Americans have about race and identity. It is based on a five-year study of over 100,000 people, and it provides a nuanced and thought-provoking look at one of the most important issues our country is facing today.

5. Madness by Antonia Hylton:

This book tells the story of the Easthampton State Hospital in Virginia, which was one of the largest segregated mental institutions in the United States. Jackson argues that the hospital’s racist practices contributed to the suffering of its black patients, and she calls for a more just and equitable approach to mental healthcare.

6. The Maga Diaries by Tina Nguyen:

This book is a memoir by Tina Nguyen, who served as a press secretary for former President Donald Trump. Grisham offers a firsthand account of her time in the Trump administration, and she provides insights into the inner workings of the White House.

7. Witchcraft by Marion Gibson:

This book explores the history of witchcraft through the lens of thirteen famous trials. Kesey argues that the history of witchcraft is a history of power and oppression, and she examines how witchcraft has been used to control and marginalize women throughout history.

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