Building healthy relationships in the digital age:

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In the technological world that we live in, where information is king and technology reigns over each day’s activities, connection has never been easier; only connecting with people who truly matter becomes harrowing. The following are 5 core approaches through which to develop meaningful networking in the digital age:

  • Authentic Communication: Since the world is in instant messaging and social media era, it’s really important to emphasize on proper communication. Comment truthfully about what you observe, feel and experience that will help to establish trust between both sides. Do not fall into the trap of’just touching base. open up and get out there, where you have to be vulnerable.

  • Mindful Social Media Use: Social media tools are considered to be powerful ones but the influence that they have on relationships is both positive and negative. Mindful use can be practiced by setting boundaries where appropriate, avoiding the comparison trap and being selective in matters of who to engage with. Quantity doesn’t trump the quality in digital space.

  • Active Listening: In a world infested with technological anarchies where life becomes more distracted, exercising Active listening is not only important but vital. When you are communicating, be it through SMS or video calls just listen to all that the person is saying. This is a two-pronged message, which extends your connection and implies respect and understanding.

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  • Balancing Digital and Offline Interactions: Though electronic communication has proved to be a blessing of sorts, it will do us good if we strike a balance by visiting each other in person. Offline relationships contain a depth that is rarely found in digital relationship amongst people. This is why you need to aim at a balanced ratio of intensity and affinity in the relationship codes so that it remains healthy throughout.
  • Respecting Boundaries: In the digital age, boundaries tend to become blurry as a result of which one is important in paying respects to people around such as their privacy and space. Before sharing personal information or tagging other individuals in posts, make sure you have obtained explicit consent from already. There is an internal safe setting for the start of effective relations with respectful behavior.
  • Cultivating Empathy: Empathy forms the basis of intimate bonds. Adopt technology as a way of understanding others’ perceptions and realities. Sensitive answers in the digital dialogue promote a more favorable and humane online community.

In general, the desire to strive for authenticity in mindful communication through sincere empathy can be used as guidance on how we should navigate today’s digital realm which is often not aimed at creating meaningful and sustainable connections.

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