Digital Detox: Balancing screen time for a healthier lifestyle

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*Living in a screen infused society:


Our society is a closely connected community where screens are embedded in our everyday lives, ranging from smartphones and laptops to TVs tablets. Technologies brought so much enrichment to our lives but too many hours in front of the screen may affectour well-being. 

As a way of achieving balance and maintaining healthy lifestyles, the idea of detoxing from digital has become common.

Impact on well being- Prolonged use of screens causes digital eye strain, sleep disruptions and raised stress levels. A deliberate attempt at restricting screen time is likely to have a monumental impact on both physical health and psychological wellbeing. First, establish reasonable objectives coupled with a gradual weaning off the devices and certain periods that should be spent free from screens.

Strategies for Digital Detox- To live a balanced life is highly necessary to engage in activities that do not involve screens. The rediscovery of hobbies like reading, nature activities, and spending significant time with loved ones encourages meaningful relationships that can help divert one’s attention from excessive digital noise. Create special spaces in your homes where the use of screens will be prohibited, to keep you away from devices while having meals or relax.

Rediscovering activities- Having a tech-free bedtime routine is essential for quality sleep. The body’s natural sleep-wake rhythm is disrupted by the blue light of screens. Develop a quiet and screen-free pre sleep activity like reading or mindfulness to wind down before bed.

Creating screen-free zones- Connect with the strengths of mind consciousness and self-awareness within your digital detox. Engage in a social media detox from time to time. This will lead you away from comparison and constant need of connectivity. Be aware of the content you watch and how long time spent on internet.

Essentially, a digital detox isn’t about getting away from technology but using it wisely. Through finding a balance and also using the screen critics we can have our times for ourselves. We can concentrate on healthier well-being while living in digital world.


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