The Power of Volunteering: making a difference in your community

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Sharing one’s time and talent selflessly can set a domino effect in the chain of events that would seem unimaginable at first but overwhelmingly positive. So, in a world of condensed lifestyle and deadlines, volunteer work acts as something recalling how much power we have when coming together to build a better future.

  • Social cohesion is realized when individuals interact with each other as a meaningful endeavor. Volunteering is a great opportunity to bring together people from all walks of life in service and promoting unity. Cleaning in local parks, volunteering to help the elderly or tutoring needy children all have positive effect for our community and consequently our economy.
  • The scope of volunteering does not end at visible short term outcomes. It fosters compassion and care among volunteers – a culture of understanding.
  • In addition, volunteering is a great source of self-development. People learn new skills, have a chance to gain good experiences and widen their views while engaging in the activities that are beyond what they feel comfortable with. Together with the satisfaction that comes from seeing others smile, this motivating factor drives volunteers to keep going forward and to perform even better.

Quote of the day:

Volunteering is the art of giving without expecting, a selfless expression of kindness that paints the world with compassion."

  • Volunteering provides a more personal medium to create deep connections within the community compared to digital channels which are often ephemeral and cold. However, face-to-face contacts create feelings of interdependence that lower defensive barriers between people and lay a foundation for the trust required to have resilient communities.
  • To close, the strength of volunteerism is that it makes a change not only in community but also within people who give their free time to beneficial activity. Each volunteer, no matter how insignificant his or her contribution can be viewed to have a role in constructing a more compassionate and vibrant society. Hence, let’s tap into the transformational potential of volunteering and partner in improving our communities permanently.

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