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People have money but they aren’t aware of how to use it and where to invest. All the money has been spent in the present and never thought of the future. And they get serious results when they have no money and no job in their retirement period and they suffer. But in the last few years, people are getting aware and focusing on their future plans. And started searching for the best investing options available in the market. Everyone in the market suggests either a fixed deposit or a mutual fund that is a bank or any other financial advisory.

Undoubtedly it’s a safe play but the return is quite low same as negligible for around 4-5% per annum and for senior citizens, it could be 6-6.9%. If you have fewer dreams or you have a fear phobia for investment options other than these two then go for it. Or if you really want to achieve something big and have bigger dreams then this blog is for you.

I have shortlisted some of the best investment options available in the Indian market! Whether you are in your college or a 9-6 job or you have a hell amount of money but you don’t know where to invest or searching for a pension scheme for your 70s. Then better stick to this post you will definitely get the benefit.



I know the share market is taken as a gamble in India. Where only 3% of people do actively invest in it but if we compare it with the U.S. more than  61% of people actively invest. But it’s not true the first-ever stock exchange in Asia was established in 1875. And in these 148 yrs market never face the loss.

Share Market is all about understanding technically and financially the company you are investing in. If a company is in profit then you are in profit. If a company is at a loss, you are at a loss. Well, there is no doubt. If you are investing without understanding or no research then interest might be delayed but it is a 100% profit-guaranteeing investment. If you have good knowledge of financial analysis and have patience. Then you can make a minimum of 10-15% of the total amount invested per month. And most importantly you can start investing with 100/- INR best option available in the market for students to start their investing journey.

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It is one of the most trusted options for Indians. With the planning to invest first thought is for real estate. Undoubtedly that’s worth it but demands high capital. Well, it’s a big play if you have money to invest and seek higher returns like 100%-500% in a couple of years then start looking for property having potential for the future with every passing year demand is increasing with the increase in population.


Well, gold is gold a trust for every family whether it falls under the middle class or upper. I remember the price of gold per gm was 4400/-INR in 2004 and now it is running at a price of 60500/-INR IN 2023 which really deserves people’s trust. with an estimation of around 10-12% of growth rate per annum.


You wake up in the morning and see a pop-up on your mobile that your account has been credited with xxxxxx amount every month without any tension of a job or any kind of work how it sounds like?

renting out property to trusted ones.

For eg banks or any franchise keeps peace of mind even when you are out of the job.


The darkest hour in any man’s life is when he sits down to plan how to get money without earning it.

-Horace Greeley

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